Jambo Sana! We’ve got an app for Safari to Kilimanjaro

Going for a Safari this summer to Kilimanjaro? East Africa ? We’ve got an app for you!
You will learn to speak common phrases in Swahili in a short while. How better to enjoy your safari than learning to speak swahili itself with this audible app? Then you can try engage the local people in their own Swahili language!

Jambo Sana appEnglish-Swahili
Jambo Sana appItalian-Swahili

Jambo Sana is a handy app with audible English-Swahili phrases in the following categories:

  1. Greetings – 12 phrases on common greetings
  2. Internet – 5 phrases on technology and internet terminologies
  3. Fun stuff – 10 phrases on fun and humour stuff
  4. Emergency – 12 phrases on emergency and police services
  5. Food – 7 Phrases on food and hospitality
  6. Animals – 12 animals names
  7. Money – 5 phrases on money and foreign exchange
  8. Travel – 11 phrases on travel matters

All audio provided by a native Swahili speaker (female voice)!
No internet connection is needed as all content is on the phone
TRIAL MODE: Limits how many times you use the app.

Now Italian-Swahili Version available!