Make your wp7 device a great toy with this handy Photo ‘n’ paint app

Photo n paint is a simple and handy app to allow you to select which background to use to make free hand paintings.
You have got a choice of:

  1. Selecting an existing photo from your gallery on the phone
  2. Taking a new photo using the phone’s camera
  3. Start with a blank photo (either all white or all black)

It has a ‘tool box’on the application bar for easier access of:

  • Brush stroke size and color selection
  • Eraser to erase sections of painting
  • Undo command to undo changes
  • Save command to save the painting to your photo gallery on the phone

This is indeed an handy app for your kids to learn and practice their painting skills.
They can also use it to learn their hand writing skills! And they will love it!
And its free!
Come on now, let your wp7 device be a great toy!

Now Photo n Paint 2 with Facebook photo sharing support

JamPhoto n paint appPhoto n Paint 2

JamPhoto n paint app

Screen shots