Suprise yourself with this FREE Shake It Share It app

‘Shake It Share It’ is a handy pictures app to surprise you with your random pictures in your camera roll.
It uses a normal distribution randomising algorithm to surprise you with pictures in your camera roll.
And why not share your suprise on facebook with this app?

How to:

  • Auto mode: Your pictures will be randomly selected after a delay of ‘n’ milli seconds which you can change using the swttings page
  • Manual mode: Shake your phone to randomly select your pictures
  • Use settings page to configure your auto mode delay in ms (1000 ms= 1 sec)
  • To share on facebook, ensure you have paused if in auto mode, then select picture to share using ‘Back’ and ‘Next’
  • You can get it either by searching it in the market place or downloading it directly using link below

    u.k. crime map

    Shake It Share It