We got Olympics 2012 apps for you

This summer sees the Olympics come to London, England. We got some amazing and exciting Windows Phone 7 apps lined for you.

  1. Lon 2012 Olympic Venues
  2. Olympics Social Jogger

Lon 2012 Olympic Venues is a handy app to help you familiarise yourself with London 2012 olympic venues. The app presents the venue details available on the offical website http://www.london2012.com/venues ‘as is’ for dissemination purposes only and not commercially.

With this app:

  1. you can save favorite venues
  2. view their locations on a map
  3. view sports available there
  4. view location details
  5. view background info about venue
  6. get latest news via live RSS feed
  7. get latest blog gossip via live RSS feed
  8. get latest news flash on live tile

Additionally you can view distances in miles from your current location. You can also plan your journey using Bing street-by-street integration

Olympics Social Jogger is a social hub for all your social buzz for the London 2012 Olympics events. The app lets you specify twitter handles or hash tags to follow and you won’t miss even a single update.