TOP MOVIES app now available in Windows Store

TOP MOVIES is a handy app for browsing your top 12 favorite family friendly movies in each genre by average ratings.

You can get this app by searching for TOP MOVIESin Windows store or clicking on the link.

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How to check for availability of Internet in Windows 8


/// Property that returns the connection profile [ ie, availability of Internet ]

/// Interface type can be [ 1,6,9,23,24,37,71,131,144 ]

/// 1 – > Some other type of network interface.

/// 6 – > An Ethernet network interface.

/// 9 – > A token ring network interface.

/// 23 -> A PPP network interface.

/// 24 -> A software loopback network interface.

/// 37 -> An ATM network interface.

/// 71 -> An IEEE 802.11 wireless network interface.

/// 131 -> A tunnel type encapsulation network interface.

/// 144 -> An IEEE 1394 (Firewire) high performance serial bus network interface.


public static bool IsConnectedToNetwork




var profile = NetworkInformation.GetInternetConnectionProfile();

if (profile != null)


var interfaceType = profile.NetworkAdapter.IanaInterfaceType;

return interfaceType == 71 || interfaceType == 6;


return false;


Now searching appointments on your phone as easy as ABC

Search Appointments is a handy app to allow you to search your calendar for appointments by specifying search text and date range. You can also narrow down your search to particular accounts on your phone such as Live, Outlook and others

Privacy Statement
This app access your user data, i.e. your calendar appointments for purposes of searching them. This app does not share your calendar appointments data with any third party. By using this app you accept this app to access your data.

How To Use This App

  1. Select the Account your wish to search your appointments in.
  2. Enter the search criteria usinsg the text box provided.
  3. Enter the date range for the appointments you wish to search for using the date picker.