Windows Phone Apps from wp7agile

Here is the list of apps I have published in the Windows Phone Store

Apps from wp7agile


Now searching appointments on your phone as easy as ABC

Search Appointments is a handy app to allow you to search your calendar for appointments by specifying search text and date range. You can also narrow down your search to particular accounts on your phone such as Live, Outlook and others

Privacy Statement
This app access your user data, i.e. your calendar appointments for purposes of searching them. This app does not share your calendar appointments data with any third party. By using this app you accept this app to access your data.

How To Use This App

  1. Select the Account your wish to search your appointments in.
  2. Enter the search criteria usinsg the text box provided.
  3. Enter the date range for the appointments you wish to search for using the date picker.

We got Olympics 2012 apps for you

This summer sees the Olympics come to London, England. We got some amazing and exciting Windows Phone 7 apps lined for you.

  1. Lon 2012 Olympic Venues
  2. Olympics Social Jogger

Lon 2012 Olympic Venues is a handy app to help you familiarise yourself with London 2012 olympic venues. The app presents the venue details available on the offical website ‘as is’ for dissemination purposes only and not commercially.

With this app:

  1. you can save favorite venues
  2. view their locations on a map
  3. view sports available there
  4. view location details
  5. view background info about venue
  6. get latest news via live RSS feed
  7. get latest blog gossip via live RSS feed
  8. get latest news flash on live tile

Additionally you can view distances in miles from your current location. You can also plan your journey using Bing street-by-street integration

Olympics Social Jogger is a social hub for all your social buzz for the London 2012 Olympics events. The app lets you specify twitter handles or hash tags to follow and you won’t miss even a single update.

Teched North America 2012 Windows Phone app

If you liked our TechEd 2011 app last year, we now got another one TechEdNA 2012. Get it from market place or use this link

Attendees will find this app useful as follows:

  • Browse all Sessions available
  • Browse all Speakers and Tracks available
  • Browse filtered sessions by Session Type such as Breakout, Hands-on-labs
  • Browse filtered sessions by Levels such as Intermediate, Advanced, etc
  • Browse filtered sessions by Speakers and Tracks such as Architecture, etc
  • Manage favorite sessions lists on the app
  • View details of each session including schedules, speakers, tracks, level, tags
  • Browsing session now defaults to ‘timeslots’ view to filter ‘now showing’, ‘coming up’, and the day to day sessions
  • Favorite sessions now appear with a ‘favorite’ icon for easier identification on the browsing lists
  • view Bing Map of the conference
  • View Conference Agenda
  • Browse TechEd News
The app uses:
* phone’s internet connection
* phone’s web browser
* location services
to access the Tech.Ed 2012 Conference Session OData feeds and website resources.

Free location-aware SMART Reminders now available

SMART Reminders is a handy location-aware app to help you:

  1. manage your favorite locations
  2. set up reminders when leaving current location
  3. set up reminders when arriving at a location
  4. set up reminders when arriving at a contact location

Do you usually forget to pass by your favorite bookshop when your are down town Bellevue? Forget no more as SMART Reminder is exactly for you, just set up a reminder to fire when nearby your bookshop! It makes use of – Bing Maps facilities – Background agents available in Mango version to trigger reminders when you are nearby your favorite locations. It also integrates with Bing Maps street-by-street navigation. With Live Tile updates on unread reminders!

You can get it either by searching it in the market place or downloading it directly using link below

SMART Reminders

SMART Reminders app

Instructions on setting up reminders

  1. When leaving current location, you don’t need to add a location first
  2. When arriving at a contact, you don’t need to add a location first, simply add new reminder
  3. When arriving at destination, you need to add the destination location first using the Locations list.
  4. Ensure you tick ‘Enable background location’ and ‘Enable live tile update’
  5. Reminders will fire as a Toast Notification message and update the live tile with a count. Ensure you set pin up your live tile!
  6. Live tile is double-sided and will show reminder count on one side, and a list of reminders on the other
  7. Privacy Policy
    This app uses your current location when creating reminders which fire based on your current location. A background periodic task also runs and accesses your location, and use it to determine if your proximity to destination location which you setup within the app. Your location is not shared in any way with any third party. You can always override this option by using the ‘Settings’ page to disable the background location.
    PS: SMART Reminders app uses background agents which run periodically. Note that we ca not guarantee this periodic nature because the operating system has control over their scheduling.

Make your wp7 device a great toy with this handy Photo ‘n’ paint app

Photo n paint is a simple and handy app to allow you to select which background to use to make free hand paintings.
You have got a choice of:

  1. Selecting an existing photo from your gallery on the phone
  2. Taking a new photo using the phone’s camera
  3. Start with a blank photo (either all white or all black)

It has a ‘tool box’on the application bar for easier access of:

  • Brush stroke size and color selection
  • Eraser to erase sections of painting
  • Undo command to undo changes
  • Save command to save the painting to your photo gallery on the phone

This is indeed an handy app for your kids to learn and practice their painting skills.
They can also use it to learn their hand writing skills! And they will love it!
And its free!
Come on now, let your wp7 device be a great toy!

Now Photo n Paint 2 with Facebook photo sharing support

JamPhoto n paint appPhoto n Paint 2

JamPhoto n paint app

Screen shots

Learning Swahili now made easier with Flashcards app!

Swahili Flashcards is an easy to use app for quickly learning Swahili translations for some selected animals. The app provides a set of flashcards for preselected groups of animals.
Each flashcard has the English-Swahili translation and is presented in a fluid, user-friendly looping list. Just a flick away from the next flashcard and you will love it!
Swahili Flashcards has the following categories:

  1. Big Five animals
  2. Big Cats
  3. Reptiles
  4. Insects
  5. Others

Jambo Sana appEnglish-Swahili

All audio provided by a native Swahili speaker (male voice)!
No internet connection is needed as all content is on the phone